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Always in search of the highest standards in training and certification, Dr. Smith participated in the Options for Animals animal chiropractic training course, where she also passed the IVCA (International Chiropractic Veterinary Association) exams. 

Upon completion of these professional certifications, Dr. Smith was lucky enough to be introduced to Dr. Jay Komarek. Dr. Komarek is one of the most talented and influential animal chiropractors in the world, working with harmony and understanding of the body, to restore proper biomechanical and nervous system function.


Jay Komarek's work has been featured in the documentary Life, Adjusted, and Dr. Smith was honored to attend the 2016 Boulder, Colorado movie premier alongside her chiropractic colleagues and Jay himself. It is impossible to convey in words the implications that this sort of mentorship imparts on a practitioner's career. There are few true masters of healing, and having the opportunity to work with Jay through multiple seminars in Boulder, CO most certainly shaped the philosophy and methodology that Dr. Smith utilizes while adjusting animals. 

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